Developing Your Intuition: How to become More In Tune With Your Inner Voice

Developing Your Intuition: How to become More In Tune With Your Inner Voice

Intuition is a funny thing. Whether we call it a hunch, a gut feeling, a communication from the spirit realm, everyone has it. Yes, some people's intuition is stronger than others, but what if I told you that we all have the ability to strengthen our intuition so that we are working with our higher self, not against it.

photograph of the twin towers in america pre 2001I remember when the Twin Towers went down in America and there were quite a few stories about people who should have been in them at the very time that they collapsed, but for some reason, they weren't. Some people, for whatever reason chose not to go in that day, and I am sure that afterwards they were glad they trusted their gut. Were these people psychic? Probably not. But they did something that many of us in this stress fuelled world have forgotten how to do- they listened to their intuition. Whatever hunch made them choose not to go in to work that day, saved their lives.

It is hard to know sometimes if what we are feeling is intuition, want or fear. This is why before you begin to enhance your intuition you need to make sure that you are in a state of being that is healthy. If you suffer from any type of mental illness which makes using your own judgement difficult i.e. if you have trouble separating fantasy from reality, developing your intuition may have to take a back seat until you have your everyday life sorted. This doesn't mean that you cannot benefit from some of the practices such as meditation, you just have to be careful that you do not attribute every message you receive as coming from your intuition. 

So How Do You Develop Your Intuition?

Here is a list of things that you can do to strengthen your own intuition.

  1. Meditate: there are plenty of resources these days that can teach you how to meditate- there are even apps and youtube channels if you need a guided meditation. Meditation trains you to bring your awareness back to the present so that you can become more in tune with your own thoughts and can hear your inner voice more clearly.

  2. Pay attention to your dreams: a lot of information comes to us during our dreams. This day and age where we spend so much time entertained with technology and stress, our dreams are one of the only ways our higher self can connect with us. So if you wake up and remember your dream, analyse it and see if there is a message there for you.

  3. Keep a journal: Keeping a journal to record your thoughts, dreams, and intuitive experiences can reveal patterns and recurring themes when you look over it at a later date.This is also a great way to see how you have progressed.

  4. Intuitive exercises: Practice exercises designed to enhance intuition, like trying to guess who's calling before answering the phone or predicting outcomes of random events. If you like, you can record these exercises and look back on them to see if you have improved.

  5. Use a Pendulum: A pendulum is a great way to connect with your own intuition. It acts as a conduit between your physical body (hand) and your brain, making it the perfect tool to use to enhance your intuition. Get a pendulum and start asking it questions. 

  6. persons hands shuffling a deck of tarot cardsConsult Tarot or Oracle Cards: Tarot is another great way to train your intuition. If you have a tarot deck, consult it. Ask it a question, and before going to the guidebook for the answers, look at the cards and write down in your tarot journal what they mean to you.

  7. Seek Solitude and silence: Spend some time alone in silence, free from distractions, to listen to your inner voice more clearly. 

  8. Follow your passions: Engage in activities that genuinely excite and inspire you, as they can align with your intuition and purpose. 

  9. Exercise: Any form of repetitive exercise where you are focused solely on the movement allows your mind to connect with your body, strengthening your mind/body connection. Not only is this a great way to stay fit, it is also a great way to train your intuition. Exercises that are particularly beneficial for this are ones that combine breathwork such as Qi gong and Yoga.

    woman standing in front of a waterfall meditating with hands crossed over heart
  10. Connect with nature: Spend time in nature, observing the world around you. Not only will this allow you to calm your mind and thus be more receptive to your intuition, but if you watch the animals you will start to notice how in tune they are with the world around them such as how certain animals will seek shelter before the rain has even arrived.

  11. Listen to your body: Pay attention to physical sensations and bodily reactions when making decisions or when you find yourself in different situations. Your body often provides valuable intuitive feedback

  12. Learn from past experiences: Reflect on past decisions and situations 
     where your intuition was involved. Assess their outcomes and learn from them.For instance, I'm pretty sure that those individuals who chose not to go to work when the Twin Towers collapsed for whatever reason, would definitely listen to their intuition next time it called to them! (just a hunch ;) )
  13. Be open-minded: Approach life with an open mind and embrace new experiences and perspectives. Openness encourages intuitive growth. If your mind is closed off to other possibilities, there is no way for your intuition to communicate with you. You need to be receptive to it.

  14. Avoid overthinking: Overanalyzing situations can cloud your intuition. Learn to balance rational thinking with intuitive insights.

  15. Learn from others: Surround yourself with people who have strong intuition and learn from their experiences. 

  16. Trust the process: Developing intuition takes time and patience. Trust that with practice and persistence, your intuition will strengthen.

  17. Trust Your Gut: Lastly, when your intuition does kick in, trust it. If you push it away whenever it calls to you, it will stop calling!

In this crazy world that we live in, where slowing down is frowned upon and we literally sometimes have to schedule it in, finding time to work on our intuitive abilities can be hard, but like everything, consistency is key. You do not have to do everything on the list. Just pick one thing and do it a little bit each day, consistently. You will see an improvement, not only in your intuition, but also in how you handle daily stresses!

We would love to hear if you have any ways that you use to enhance your intuition. If you do, leave us a comment below!

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